Ethics 2, 1&2

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What is a Holy war
Fighting because they believe it is what God wants
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Why was there a crusade?
To regain Jerusalem and the Holy Lands from Muslims
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Jus post Bellum
Peace after war
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Jus in Bello
Just conduct during war
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Jus as bellum
A just reason for having a war
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What did Thomas Aqquninas do in connection to war and peace
proposed a version of the just war theory
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Why are there Just war conditions
So a conflict can be considered
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John 8, adulterous woman
Jesus said we should consider our own sins before we condemn others by theirs
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Sheep and Goats connection to inprisionment
'When I was in prision you visited me'
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Why should all life be shown the same respect
it was cfreated by God
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James 2, God...
God has no favs
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Two declarations of UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights
1, everyone is born free, 2, religion, race etc do not change anything
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Genesis 1, equality
everyone should be shown the same amount of love
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Galacians 3, in Christ...
'everyone is equal in Christ
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What was wrong about the crusades
thousands of people were killed in the name of Christianity
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What happend in the 16th centuary, in South America
the Spanish Navy tens of thousands of locals in an attempt to make them Christians
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Leviticus 19, being kind
'people should be kind to everyone, including foreigners'
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Lay reader
a job, open to women, in mass which involves reading parts of hte service
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Why does Paul contradict himself
He sends personal greetings to 3 women but then says women should be quiet when in church
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John 14, going into heaven
'No one comes to the father except through me'
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Ecumenism, breaking barriers
breaking down barriers between Christian denominations
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Evangelism, converting
the idea that all Christians should go out into the world to convert Christisans
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Proselytising, converting
to try and convert someone
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What do the Parable of the lost sheep, Lost son and unforgiving servant have in common
they are about forgivness
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Agape, war wise
violence in never acceptable
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when does Jesus show some violence
in the temple
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when does jesus show peace
on the donkey, cheese quote, loving your enemy
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Colossians 3 no matter what
no matter who it is they should be punished
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4 cardinal vurtues
prudence, temperance, foritude, justice
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Gods justice in the Bible
Jeremiah 32 get what he should deserve, colossians 3 there is no favs if u do wrong you will be repaid for your wrong
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punishment is designed to persued other people not to do the same thing
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allow criminal to become better person
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criminal punished to bring sense of justice to affected party
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death punishment should be used who and why
SOME christians, examples in the Bible
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capital punishment is bad who and why
Many other christians, human life is sacred
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Why was there a crusade?


To regain Jerusalem and the Holy Lands from Muslims

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Jus post Bellum


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Jus in Bello


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Jus as bellum


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