Ethics Glossary

Social Consensus Ethics
Rules binding on all members of society (may be different for different societies)
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Personal Ethics
personal beliefs about religion, the structure and make up society, animals.
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Professional ethics
Professional rules of conduct (occupies a position mid- way between the social and personal)
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Theoretical, critical reflection on human conduct. Theory or a system of moral values, Set of principles of right conduct, Study of the general nature of morals and of the specific moral choices to be made by a person; moral philosophy.
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Ethical Dilemmas
Particular kind of ethical issues which arise when values, principles and commitments conflict or seem incompatible, e.g. a choice of two ‘bads’.
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General Ethical
Theories Consequentialist/Teleological – e.g. Utilitarianism Stresses goodness, badness; results of actions
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e.g. Kantian. This includes the theories associated with rights and duties including animal rights.
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Virtue Ethics
Later came to mean character, trait. Quality of character; moral character Aquinus – disposition to act well. In order to be virtuous one needs to know what is good.
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Deontological Theory
Stresses rightness and wrongness or duty; the intrinsic properties of actions.
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Categorical Imperative
One has to subject the principle of the action one is considering to the test of universality, i.e., what would it be like if all behaved in this way
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Action is right if produces best possible outcome
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Personal Ethics


personal beliefs about religion, the structure and make up society, animals.

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Professional ethics


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Ethical Dilemmas


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