Ethics and law

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1. What is intellectual property?

  • The ownership and right to make money from ideas, inventions and creative work
  • A place where you can train your brain
  • Property that you earned by beating Mr Creen at a maths test
  • Property that can help you cheat with homework
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2. What does the Computer Misuse Act make it illegal to do?

  • Troll strangers or friends
  • Send a threat to Max Shanks
  • Try to steal or change data on a computer without permission
  • Send anonymous emails to strangers

3. How can a company stop rivals from stealing their ideas and producing similar games?

  • Use a tor network to hide all data for the game
  • Hire an assassin to kill the competition
  • They can patent the idea for the game
  • Use CCTV

4. What does copyright mean?

  • That hackers are allowed to copy data and share it
  • David Cameron has free access to all videos online and all films
  • The person or organisation who creates an original work has the right to protect it and exclusively make a profit by using it
  • You are only allowed to watch movies alone or with people who have also bought the movie

5. What term is given to hackers who attempt to do good through hacking?

  • Purple hats
  • White hats
  • Red hats
  • Black hats


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