Ethics and law

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1. What does a Creative Commons licence allow you to do?

  • Specify special conditions about how any original information you create may be used by others
  • Allows you to hang anyone who steals your software or computer
  • Allows you to put posters up about your business
  • Allows you to paint and graffiti on some walls and floors
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2. What does the Computer Misuse Act make it illegal to do?

  • Troll strangers or friends
  • Send a threat to Max Shanks
  • Try to steal or change data on a computer without permission
  • Send anonymous emails to strangers

3. What does copyright mean?

  • That hackers are allowed to copy data and share it
  • David Cameron has free access to all videos online and all films
  • The person or organisation who creates an original work has the right to protect it and exclusively make a profit by using it
  • You are only allowed to watch movies alone or with people who have also bought the movie

4. Which of these is not covered by the Data Protection Act?

  • The access of data
  • The accuracy of data
  • The copyright of data
  • The privacy of data

5. What term is given to hackers who attempt to do good through hacking?

  • Purple hats
  • White hats
  • Red hats
  • Black hats


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