Ethics and law

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1. What does a Creative Commons licence allow you to do?

  • Allows you to paint and graffiti on some walls and floors
  • Specify special conditions about how any original information you create may be used by others
  • Allows you to put posters up about your business
  • Allows you to hang anyone who steals your software or computer
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2. What is intellectual property?

  • A place where you can train your brain
  • The ownership and right to make money from ideas, inventions and creative work
  • Property that can help you cheat with homework
  • Property that you earned by beating Mr Creen at a maths test

3. How can a company stop rivals from stealing their ideas and producing similar games?

  • They can patent the idea for the game
  • Use a tor network to hide all data for the game
  • Hire an assassin to kill the competition
  • Use CCTV

4. Which of the following statements describes what an IP address indicates?

  • It specifies where you are on a computer network
  • It specifies who you are as a person
  • It specifies where you are in the world
  • It specifies what you have been looking at

5. What term is given to hackers who attempt to do good through hacking?

  • White hats
  • Black hats
  • Red hats
  • Purple hats


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