Ethics A2

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1. What view does Lawrence Kohlberg have of the conscience?

  • Conscience as a behaviour developed though social interaction
  • The authoritarian conscience
  • Conscience as sanctions or social conditioning
  • The religious conscience
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2. What does Freud say an active conscience is?

  • A working one
  • A guilty one
  • A righteous one

3. What were Kohlberg's three levels of moral development?

  • Pre-conventional , Conventional, Post-conventional
  • Novice, Apprentice, Master
  • Pragmatism, Personalism , Positivism
  • Child, Adolescent, Adult

4. What is Durkheim's view of the conscience?

  • Conscience as sanctions or social conditioning
  • Conscience as humanitarian
  • Conscience as authoritative

5. What is the collective conscience?

  • Conscience is organic to the social group as a whole
  • It is organic to families
  • It is organic to friendship groups


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