Equine Muscles

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Triceps Brachii Origin
Caudal Border of Scapula + Proximal Humerus
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Triceps Brachii Insertion
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Triceps Brachii Action
Flexes Shoulder, Extends Elbow
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Biceps Brachii Origin
Supraglenoid Tubercle
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Biceps Brachii Insertion
Cranial + Proximal Aspects of Radius and Ulna
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Biceps Brachii Action
Extends Shoulder, Flexes Elbow
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Rectus Femoris Origin
Body of Ilium
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Rectus Femoris Insertion
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Rectus Femoris Action
Extends Stifle, Flexes Hip
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Biceps Femoris Origin
Sacrum, Sacrosciatic Ligament, Tuber Ischii
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Biceps Femoris Insertion
Patella, Tibia, Calcaneal Tuber
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Biceps Femoris Action
Extends Hip, Hock and Stifle, Flexes Stifle
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Trapezius Origin
C2 - T10
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Trapezius Insertion
Scapula Spine
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Trapezius Action
Lifts, Advances and Protracts the Scapula
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Splenius Origin
Nuchal Ligament, T3 - T5
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Splenius Insertion
Nuchal Crest, C2 -C5, Mastoid Process of Temporal Bone
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Splenius Action
Neck Extension, Lateral Flexion, Head Rotation
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Brachiocephalic Origin
Occipital Bone, C2 - C4
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Brachiocephalic Insertion
Medial Forearm Fascia, Lateral Humerus, Deltoid Tuberosity
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Brachiocephalic Action
Lateral Neck Flexion, Shoulder Extension, Advances Limb
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Transverse Pectorals Origin
Sternum and Cranial Costal Cartilages 1-6
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Transverse Pectorals Insertion
Forearm Fascia, Medial Humerus
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Transverse Pectorals Action
Limb Adduction
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Descending Pectorals Origin
Manubrium of Sternum
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Descending Pectorals Insertion
Deltoid Tuberosity and Crest of Humerus
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Descending Pectorals Action
Adduction, Protraction and Retraction of Limb
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Middle Gluteal Origin
Wing of Ilium, Sacrum, Sacrosciatic Ligament, Tuber Coxae
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Middle Gluteal Insertion
Greater Trochanter of Femur
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Middle Gluteal Action
Hip Extension
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Superficial Gluteal Origin
Gluteal Fascia
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Superficial Gluteal Insertion
3rd Trochanter of Femur
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Superficial Gluteal Action
Abducts the Hip
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