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2. What catalyst is used the hydration of ethene to produce ethanol?

  • Concentrated H3PO4
  • Concentrated HCl
  • Nickel
  • Chromium and zinc oxides

3. If the number of moles of gas is the same on both sides of the equation, what will happen to the equilibrium if the pressure is changed?

  • It will shift to the right
  • There will be no change
  • It will move to the left
  • It will move in the endothermic direction

4. What is the catalyst used in the production of methanol from CO?

  • Iron
  • Concentrated HCl
  • Chromium and zinc oxides
  • Nickel

5. What is the problem with using low temperatures to get a higher yield?

  • There will be a slow rate in reaction
  • Too much product is produced
  • It will be expensive
  • The rate of reaction will be too fast


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