• Globular proteins
  • biological catalysts whcih speed up reactions
  • have an active site, where substrates attach
  • form a enzyme-substrate complex
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1. What is the effect of non-competitive inhibitors on enzymes?

  • binds to the enzyme permanently, irreversible
  • no effect
  • binds to the enzyme temporarily, reversible
  • speeds up the reaction
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2. What is effect of temperature of enzyme activity?

  • enzyme works best at very low temps
  • enzyme works best at very high temps
  • increases it to a point(optimum temp) where it then denatures
  • increases it indefinitely

3. What is the active site?

  • something all proteins have
  • a shape on the enzyme that fits a range of substrates
  • region on the enzyme the substrate binds to
  • region on the substrate the enzyme binds to

4. What is the effect of competitive inhibitors on enzymes?

  • speeds up the reaction
  • binds to the active site temporarily and lowers reaction rate
  • binds to the active site permanently
  • no effect

5. What do enzymes do?

  • decrease the amount of products made
  • reduce activation energy
  • cause products to change back into substrates
  • increase the amount of products made


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