Environmental Ethics

Define anthropocentric
Human centered (Aquinas, Kant, Bentham)
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Define biocentric
Life-centered (shallow ecology, Singer)
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Define ecocentric
Planet-centered (deep ecology, Lovelock, Naess)
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Define dominion
Humans > nature, can rule over it. Humans = peak of creation.
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What quote shows dominion in the Bible?
"...rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky" - G1:26
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What did Aquinas say about creation?
"All animals are naturally subject to man"
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Define stewardship
Humans responsible for looking after world
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What Bible quote shows stewardship?
"The Lord took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it." - G2:15
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What parts of the Bible show creation as being valuable?
"God saw that it was good" - G1:10
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What parts of the Bible show creation as having lesser value?
"God created mankind in his image..." - G1:27
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What did St Francis of Assisi say about the environment?
God communicates to us through natural world, all creatures can worship God
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What Bible quote shows The Fall leading to the world's environmental issues?
"The earth is defiled by its people...they have broken the everlasting covenant." - Isaiah 24:5
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What are some strengths of the Christian approach to enviromental ethics?
Crook - Technology/science not bad (human activity valuable) Christians can reject lifestyles damaging God’s creation, creation itself valuable
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What are some weaknesses of the Christian approach to enviromental ethics?
Enc. human domination of world
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Define shallow ecology
Environment only to be looked after if it benefits humans - has instrumental value
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How can shallow ecology be seen as the main focus of conservation ethics?
A person will do something (e.g recycling) to help themselves
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How can shallow ecology be criticised?
Allows species to die out if they don't benefit humans, nature > instrumental
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Define deep ecology
Nature has intrinsic value, every being has equal right to flourish
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Why does Arne Naess, the creator of deep ecology, disagree with stewardship?
Having a soul doesn't make humans more impt. - arrogant theory.
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What actions does Naess advocate in order to help the ecological world?
Decreased population + economic growth, return to agrarian lifestyle
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How can deep ecology be criticised?
Does everything (incl. rocks, disease) have rights? Idea of agarianism outdated. Misanthropic - deep ecologists would argue for inc. value of indiv.
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What is the Gaia hypothesis?
Humans part of complex, self-regulating system that solves problems caused by humans
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What two things does the hypothesis imply?
Severe environmental problems overloading system OR earth compensating for human disruption; we have less infl.
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How does the Gaia hypothesis see evolution?
Too limiting - organisms/environment evolve together
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What did Dawkins say about deep ecology?
Evolution --> no evidence for organisms clubbing together
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What does Singer say about deep ecology?
only sentient life forms have intrinsic value (b/c NS beings, e.g plants don't experience things)
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How would Bentham respond to the environment?
Weigh up pleasure/pain (this uniform?), sees animals as able to suffer.
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How would Mill respond to the environment?
Enjoyment of nature = higher pleasure, needs to be protected.
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How would Singer respond to the environment?
Against speciesism, sees plants as non-sentient beings, current generation's satisfaction > environment,
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How can the utilitarian view be critiqued?
Humans + environment can be exploited, can't calculate consequences
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How would Kantian ethics respond to environment?
Humans > other lifeforms (reason - this guides action). Humans can't treat environment as means to edn, or exploit it (Law of Nature). Good will extends to
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How can the Kantian view be critiqued?
Environment only has instrumental value, can universalise destruction
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How would virtue ethics respond to environment?
No single way to develop virtues, agent-centered, caring for animals ---> human flourishing
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How can this view be critiqued?
Differing values, ethicists breaching Golden Mean (Naess), virtues diff. local/national
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What does natural law say about the environment?
Dominion over animals, reverence for creation
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Evaluate this view
Animals have less value, but environment itself as value via telos, animals have less value than humans but should still be respected
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What does Matthew Fox say?
Pantheism - god w/i everything, destroyin environment = destroying God
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