Environment Facts and Figures

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Brundtland Report?
1980s 'Our Common Future' - Sustainable Development theory
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Reformist environmentalists?
Zac Goldsmith and Bjorn Lomborg
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Radical ecologists?
Marti Kheel and Karen J. Warren (eco-feminists)
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CFC emissions cooperation?
1987 Montreal Conference
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China and Environment?
16 out of 20 most polluted cities are in China; overtook US in 2006 for emissions; increasing rate means heading for 50%-100% increase above the current world total of CO2 emissions 20 years from now
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International cooperation over climate change?
Earth Summit 1992; Kyoto 1997; Copenhagen 2009; Rio+20
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Rio +20 results?
49-page The Future We Want to explore alternatives to GDP as a meassure of wealth and commitment to phase out fossil fuel subsidies; non-binding and panned as vague
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Copenhagen 2009?
not legally binding; referred to as a political disaster
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Joint emissions of China and US as global share?
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Tragedy of Commons theorist?
Garrett Hardin 'freedom in a commons brings ruin to all'
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Reformist environmentalists?


Zac Goldsmith and Bjorn Lomborg

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Radical ecologists?


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CFC emissions cooperation?


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China and Environment?


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