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Environment is product of
decision making process
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Why is psychological research not realistic?
Control for all but one or two factors in the environment
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Study of specific environmental stimuli and perception or sensation
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Designing work environments that fit cognitive and physical capabilities of people
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Environmental Sociology
Interaction between social issues, the environment and the impact social issues have on the environment
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Behaviour Geography
Environmental cognition, spatial behaviour and cognitive basis of spatial decision making
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Environment-> Response
Determinist conceptualization of person-environment relations
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Interactionist conceptualization of person-environment relationship
Lewin's equation- B= P + E
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Tranactionist conceptualization of person-environment relationship
'Place' rather than environment/ can change nature of environment and meaning/ includes what people do and think
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Theory of 'Place'/ Environmental role/ Place schema
1) What is expected, physical boundaries, activity in a place is purposive 2) person's role in dealing with physical characteristics of environment 3) internal representations of place's activity, rules and physical environment
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Carter 3 aspects
Activity, conceptions, physical attributes
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Ecological footprint
area of land required by population to produce resources it consumes and absorb waste created
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Should focus where there's largest impact
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I= impact, T= technological potential or reduction in emissions from an action, p= behavioural plasticity, n= number of actors that could take part
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7% fall in energy consumption/ 11% rise in transport
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Physical and technical innovation usually imply behaviour change
Technical efficiency gains overtaken by consumption growth
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Theory of planned behaviour
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Survey of 800 drivers
Attitudes, PBC and subjective norms increase habit and intetion/ habit and intention increase propensity to drive/ public transport use not affected by habit
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Interrupting habit
causes concious reflection
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Beverly Hills fire
167 fatalities- evidence of panic- position of bodies and number of people that jumped- rational? behave according to rules and scripts
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Domestic fire- men and women
Men delay with misinterpretation and attempt to fight fire/ women delay with interaction with man
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Hotel setting
Delay/ investigate/ return to original room/ wait, dress, gather valuables
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P-E model
Alarm-> evacuate/ smoke-> panic- but people fit behaviour to environment
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General model
Interpret, prepare, act
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Gifford et al
Theory of Planned Behaviour- costs and rewards
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Why is psychological research not realistic?


Control for all but one or two factors in the environment

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Environmental Sociology


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