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La region ou j'habite
The region where i live
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C'est une region dans laquelle il y a
It is a region in which there is
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Ce que j'aime le plus, c'est
What i like the most is
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Le mieux, c'est
The best thing is
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La cathedrale de Lincoln
The cathedral of Lincoln
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Les plages de Skegness
Skegness beaches
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Qui plait aux tourists
Which pleases tourists
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Le pire, c'est
The worst is
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L'extinction des chouettes
The extinction of owls
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La pollutiton de la riiviere Trent
The pollution of the river Trent
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La pollution de l'air
Air pollution
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La pollution de bruit
Noise pollution
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A cause des industries de l'acier
Because of steel industries
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Je prefererais habiter
I would rather live
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Dans le Devon
In Devon
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A Cornwall
In Cornwall
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Dans le Yorkshire
In Yorkshire
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En Cumbria
In Cumbria
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Plutot que
Rather than
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Dans le Lincolnshire
In Lincolnshire
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Ou il y a
Where there is
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Moins de pollution
Less pollution
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Plus d'air frais
More fresh air
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Je souhaiterais
I wish to
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Rester ici
Stay here
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Despite of
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Vivre ici jusqu'a ma mort
Live here until i die
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Les inconvenients
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Tels que la pollution
Such as pollution
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Tels que la salete dans les rues
Such as the dirty streets
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Malgre la pollution
Despite of pollution
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Malgre le chomage
Despite of unemployment
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Malgre la criminalite
Despite of crimes
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Malgre les aggressions
Despite of assults
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Dans le monde
In the world
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A l'echelle mondiale
On a world wide scale
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Le probleme le plus grave est
The most serious problem is
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Le deboisement
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La pollution de la mer
Sea pollution
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L'extinction d'especes animales
Species extinction
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Le trou dans la couche d'ozone
The hole in the ozone layer
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Il est cause par
The problem is caused by
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Les emission de co2
co2 emissions
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Les dechets
Human waste
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Les fuites de petrole
Oil leaks
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Don't nous sommes responsables
That we are responsible for
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Que nous produisons
That we produce
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In order to
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Pour aider la planete
To help the planet
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Pour ameliorer la situation
To improve the situation
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Il faudrait
We should
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Il faudrait trier
We should sort out
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Il faudrait recycler
We should recycle
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Tous les pays devraient
All countries should
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Tous les pays devraient utiliser
All countries should use
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Tous les pays devraient utiliser l'energie solaire
All countries should use solar energy
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Sinon la situation va empirer
Otherwise the situation will worsen
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Sinon la planete va mourir
Otherwise the planet will die
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Nous devrions arreter de polluer
We should stop polluting
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Nous devrions
We ought to
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Nous devrions arreter de
We ought to stop
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Si on conduisait moins
If we drove less
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Si on utilisait des voitures electriques
if we used electric cars
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Si on construisait moins d'usines
If we built less factories
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Il y aurait moins de pollution
There would be less pollution
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L'air serait plus pur
The air would be purer
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Ce serait mieux
It would be better
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On pourrait
We could
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On pourrait sauver la planete
We could save the planet
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Je fais ce que je peux pour l'environnement
I do what i can for the enviroment
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Je prends une douche
I take a shower
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Au lieu d'un bain
Instead of a bath
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Je marche
I walk
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Au lieu de prendre la voiture
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