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2. What 3 processes are associated with sedimentary ones?

  • Erosion, Transportation and Deposition
  • Lithification, Compaction and Melting
  • Subduction, Rifting and Adiabatic processes
  • Joey Essex

3. What 4 main processes took place in Pre-Cambrian

  • Volcanism, pyroclastic flows, turbidity currents, submarine earthquakes
  • Volcaniclastic, Diorite, Coal
  • Joey Essex
  • Sedimentary; Erosion, Transportation, Deposition

4. What is a Wadis?

  • Joey Essex
  • Uncomformity
  • Desert Valley
  • Breccia incorporated into the rock

5. Values of geodiversity

  • Joey Essex
  • Aesthetic, cultural, economic, health, research and education
  • Joey Essex
  • Joey Essex


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