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1. What are the human threats to geodiversity

  • Joey Essex
  • Water vapour and disease e.g. Cholera, 1956 outbreak in Charnwood
  • Climate change Land management e.g. dams influencing upstream and downstream impac Pelz, 1997)
  • Smoking, drinking and lack of exercise
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2. What type of rock lies above the unconformity?

  • Mercia Mudstone
  • Joey Essex
  • Shepshed sandstone
  • Coal measures

3. What is a Wadis?

  • Breccia incorporated into the rock
  • Desert Valley
  • Uncomformity
  • Joey Essex

4. Values of geodiversity

  • Joey Essex
  • Aesthetic, cultural, economic, health, research and education
  • Joey Essex
  • Joey Essex

5. Define geoheritage

  • Joey Essex
  • Conservation of geodiversity for its intrinsic ecological and heritage values
  • Components of geodiversity that are important to humans for purposes other than resource exploitation; things we would wish to retain for present and future generations (Eberhard, 1997)
  • Natural range of geological, geomorphological and soil features”(Gray, 2004)


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