Entropy Key Points and Definitions

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1. Standard entropy change of reaction, ΔSº, is

  • The entropy change that accompanies a reaction in the molar quantities as expressed in a chemical equation under standard conditions, all in standard states
  • S is always a positive number
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2. All substances posess some degree of disorder because particles are in constant motion, thus

  • S is always a positive number
  • Decreases

3. In a reaction where there is an increase in the number of gaseous molecules, entropy

  • Increases
  • ΔSºreaction = ΣSº(products) - ΣSº(reactants)
  • Decreases

4. In calculations concerning ΔG= ΔH - TΔS 1, units must be the same for kJ/J

  • The units need to be the same, to convert ΔS to kJ K^-1 mol^-1 /1000
  • TΔS

5. The standard entropy change of a reaction can be calculated using the standard entropies of the reactants and products:

  • ΔSºreaction = ΣSº(products) - ΣSº(reactants)
  • The entropy content of one mole of the substance under standard conditions


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This is quite helpful but the answers are obvious when only one option makes sense. Hehe.

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