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2. Entropy ______ when a solid lattice dissolves

  • S is always a positive number
  • Increases
  • Decreases

3. In a reaction where there is an increase in the number of gaseous molecules, entropy

  • Increases
  • ΔSºreaction = ΣSº(products) - ΣSº(reactants)
  • Decreases

4. For an endothermic reaction to take place spontaneously, ΔS must be positive, and the temperature must be high enough so that

  • The balance between enthalpy, entropy, and temperature for a process: ΔG = ΔH - TΔS
  • TΔS>ΔH
  • TΔS

5. In calculations concerning ΔG= ΔH - TΔS entropy is worked out using K

  • To convert C to K add 273 and the opposite to convert K to C
  • The entropy change that accompanies a reaction in the molar quantities as expressed in a chemical equation under standard conditions, all in standard states


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This is quite helpful but the answers are obvious when only one option makes sense. Hehe.

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