Ennett 1994

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1. A strength of the self report data used would be that

  • the data was provided by the pp themselves and so is likely to be more valid
  • It's easier for them to fix the results
  • It is unreliable as pps may alter their answers due to social desirability bias
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2. They also found that the cliques tended

  • to encourage smoking rather than not smoking
  • to smoke more at school than at home
  • to encourage non smoking rather than smoking
  • to think that boys smoking was more accetable

3. What was the aim of Ennett's study?

  • To look at maintenance programmes and see if they reduced the amount of cocaine use amond poly drug users
  • To look at adolescent smoking habits in relation to friendship cliques
  • To look at self fulfilling influence of mother's expectations on under-age drinking
  • To look at self esteem and support factors of women developing depression through the use of interviewing

4. A weakness would be that the self report data is unreliable because

  • The researcher could have made up the results
  • They may have altered the results so as to avoid being judged on their smoking habits
  • They're teenagers and they lie

5. They found that the smoking rate in the cliques was...

  • lower if they were all girls
  • less than the overall smoking rate
  • higher than that of the isolates
  • lower if the mother came from an educated background


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