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Active voice
subject doing action of verb 'the man(S) kicked the dog(O)'
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Passive voice
oject can change places with subject 'the dog(O) was kicked by the man'(S)
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Abstract noun
non physical things that exists' happiness' 'week' 'terrorism'
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Concrete/common noun
things that can be observed or measured 'book' 'car' 'butter'
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Adjacency pairs
sequences that follow a pattern in a conversation with logical connectio
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destinctive pronounciations which show regional or social identity
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descriptive words
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word that describes the action of the verb, can be an intensifier 'the dog barked LOUDLY' 'VERY loudly'
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usually answer the questions of how when where or how often something happened 'THIS MORNING the man kicked the dog' 'the man kicked the dog USING ALL HIS FORCE'
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A rehetorical consurction where two words or ideas are placed in opposition to create a contrasting effect
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Words that have opposite meanings, hot/cold fast/slow
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the repetition of the same of simialr vowel sounds 'the gURgling of the mURmURing brook'
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Auxiliery verbs
A verb used in forming the tenses, moods, and voices of other verbs 'i DID not kick the dog' 'he HAS barked all night'
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Joining words 'and' 'or' 'but' 'while' 'as'
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associations attatched to a word in addition to its dictionary definition (denotation)
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word that sepcifies the number and definitveness of a noun 'he gave her A clap' 'he gave her THE clap'
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language variety marked by distinctive grammer/lexis common by a group from similar social/regional backgrounds 'SHE BE a fine maid' 'it's a SWELL COLOUR'
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where there is no punchuation at the end of a line of verse
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figurative language
language with a meaning going beyond its literal one (comparison/metaphor)
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First person
Singular- I, ME. plural- WE, US
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Exaggeration used to intensify 'ive told you a MILLION TIMES'
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individuals distinctive way of speaking
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descriptive/metaphorical language to create a vivid picture
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subject and verb in a question creating a mood 'are you going?'
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language associated with a particular profession or group
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placing of two things close together
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longer, formal, educated words
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word placed next to adverbial giving mroe information . Pre/post modification
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created plural and tense to a wod 'ly' 'ing' 'ness'
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non standard grammar
language that does not conform to the 'norm'
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proper noun
brighton, mary, robin hood (people/place)
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direct object
person place or thing that recieves the action/verb 'the boy kicked the CAT'
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indirect object
person or thing to who is recieving the direct object 'he bought HER a new kitten'
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contradictory words in a phrase 'delicious poison'
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feature of conversation that convey meaning but are not verbal- facial expressions, kisses, gestures
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use of brackets, dashes, commas
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exchange or communicationthat doesnt mean anything but is socially important 'morning' 'alright?'
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prosodic features
use of pitch volume pace the draw attention to key elements and create variation in meaning 'i DID it' 'I did it'
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recieved pronounciation
english accent whihc has high social status not connect to a speicfic region
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distinctive words/expressions associated with informal speech. show age and is often short lived 'chav' 'wicked'
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form of lnagugae associated with a particular social group defined by age occupation lifestyle of class
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subordinate clause
clause that cant be its own sentence and needs another clause to complete the meaning
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subordinating conjunction
conjunction used to introduuced a subjordinate clause 'becuase..' 'while...'
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tag question
interrogative question at end of a sentence expecting a reply 'isnt it?' 'arent you?'
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words that expresses states, actions or processes
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oject can change places with subject 'the dog(O) was kicked by the man'(S)

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Abstract noun


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Adjacency pairs


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