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2. whats a stanza?

  • Its a paragraph but for a poem.
  • A describing word for objects.

3. whats are the types of poems?

  • sonnets, acrostic, haiku, imagery and limerick.
  • onapatopeia, stanza, couplet, rhyming couplet.

4. how do you know if a poem is a sonnet?

  • Because it has 14 lines.
  • Because it has 16 lines
  • Becuase it is always about a specific thing.

5. what is the meaning of rhyme scheme?

  • A rhyme scheme is the pattern of rhymes at the end of each line of a poem or song.
  • the formation of a word, as cuckoo, meow, honk, or boom, by imitation of a sound made by or associated with its referent.




Really helpful Thank you :)

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