English Literature: Carol Ann Duffy Head Of English

What does the word 'head' in the title suggest?
That she is used to being in charge
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What is the meaning of 'jingoistic'
Being patriotic, hides truth, brutal truth (Kipling)
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What is this poem based on?
An autobiographical experience.
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What sort of tone does the poem have?
An envious tone.
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"Notice the inkstained fingers, girls"
Demeaning status - pointing out flaws 'girls' often represented as having petty jealousy
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"Perhaps we are going to witness verse hot from the press. Who knows"
Sarcasm 'who knows' is a statement NOT a question
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"Please show your appreciation by clapping. Not too loud."
Doesnt want to go over the top. Still wants to be superior - feels threatened.
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"not all poems, sadly, rhyme these days"
Duffy doesn't rhyme, 'sadly' is restricting classes opinion - it is influencing them.
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What is the writer doing by using rhyming language "bounds...pounds"
She is showing off
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"but do feel free to raise some questions. After all, we're paying forty pounds"
Issues with the poem - poetry isn't enough, knocked down, sadistic, sets high standards - get moneys worth
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"Those of you with English Second Language, see me after break"
Set in a multi-cultural area, showing control, she's in charge
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"We're fortunate to have this person in our midst"
Pleasant but doesn't mean it - being sarcastic
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"Seasons of mist"
Quotation from poem by John Keats - very traditional
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"I've written quite a bit of poetry myself, am doing Kipling with the Lower Fourth"
Showing that she can multitask - more than a poet. Kipling is a traditional poet - jingoistic.
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"That's enough from me"
Ironic - she carries on speaking
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"On with the muse"
A source of inspiration. Muse, joking, sarcasm
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"We don't want winds of change about the place"
'Winds of change' a metaphor - doesn't want the pupils following the poet (Duffy) rather than herself.
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"Fine. Off we go. Convince us that there's something we don't need"
Challenging attitude
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"Well. Really. Run along now girls"
Removal of the girls, controlling, to forget about the poet.
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"Lunch in the hall? Do hang about. Unfortunately I have to dash"
Disrespectful, doesn't want to spend time with Duffy. Head of English walks off, no respect.
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Why is the poem a monologue?
It misses out the poets section as she's not important, unlike the head of English's point of view.
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What is the meaning of 'jingoistic'


Being patriotic, hides truth, brutal truth (Kipling)

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What is this poem based on?


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What sort of tone does the poem have?


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"Notice the inkstained fingers, girls"


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