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1. What is broadening?

  • When a word becomes more general over time.
  • When a words meaning becomes negative.
  • The literal meaning of the word.
  • The linking of ideas in texts to ensure the text makes sense.
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2. What is amelioration?

  • An extended piece of written or spoken language.
  • When a word develops a negative meaning over time.
  • Words with opposite meanings.
  • When a word develops a positive meaning over time.

3. What is an active voice?

  • When words from another language are used.
  • When the subject is directly performing the verb.
  • When two words are combined to make a new one.
  • It describes a word.

4. What is blending?

  • When parts of words are combined to make a new one.
  • A group of texts with a particular form or purpose.
  • A word that sounds like a noise.
  • Another word for brackets.

5. What are hyperboles?

  • Words that identify the action of a sentence.
  • When a word is missed out of the text.
  • When exaggeration is used for effect.
  • Referring to something outside of the text.


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