English key terms and definitions

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1. What does the term 'Didactic' mean?

  • A lesson with a moral background.
  • Teaching or intending to teach a moral lesson.
  • Speakers or writers choice of words to convey a tone or effect.
  • A teaching of a purposeful lesson.
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2. What does the term 'Colloquial' mean?

  • Concise statement designed to make a point or illustrate a commonly held belief.
  • A brief summary or a reference to a literary figure.
  • Using ordinary everyday language.
  • words or phrases that we use everyday

3. What does the term 'Anecdote' mean?

  • Repeated phrases or words
  • Brief story about a real event or person.
  • A summary about an event or object
  • A figure of talk which can make a summary reference to a historical or literary event.

4. What does the term 'Contradiction' mean?

  • When things compared are direct opposites.
  • Opposite words or phrases that are compared in a sentence.
  • Using ordinary everyday language.
  • An important point to illustrate a belief.

5. What does the term 'Delayed sentence' mean?

  • A sentence that with holds its main idea until the end.
  • A comparison of either a phrase or words.
  • Sentences that has an idea
  • When things compared are direct opposites.


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