English Literature Paper 1

What period is the 16th century?
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What was known in this period?
The sonnet
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What did they value?
The exercise of wit in poetry
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What was another convention?
Pastoral convention
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What was fashionable in this period?
To write sequences of sonnets
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How many Sonnets does Shakespeare have?
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What is the nsme given to a group of poets who wrote in the first half of the 17thcsntury?
Metaphysical poets
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What are key tropes of metaphysical poetry?
Paradox, wit and with their sarcastic humour it was unsure if they were serious or not
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What was donne known as?
'A Great lover of women'
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What did Donne write?
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What are poems called that emphasise the shortness of the day?
'Seize the day'
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What period was the Romantic movement?
Late 18th century
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What are key themes of Romantic poetry?
Nature and religion
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When was the decadent movement?
Victorian time
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Who is an example of a decadent poet?
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What literary period is E E Cummings?
Modernist poet
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What are key tropes of post modernist and modernist poems?
Free verse, unorganised rhyme scheme
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Ben was Othello written?
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Who are the key characters?
Othello, Desdemona, Brananio, Iago and Emilia
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What are key themes in the play?
Deceit, death, jealousy, race, love and betrayal
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What is a tragedy?
When the main character experiences upset
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What period was it written in?
The Renaissance
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What is it typically written in?
Blank verse
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Who has the most modern output?
Emilia has feminist ideas
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Is it true that Othello and Emilia are just stereotypes?
They in fact represent the more complex characters
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Who said 'wear my heart upon my sleeve'?
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When was Tess published?
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What is the subtitle?
A pure woman
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What was the novel described as being?
Too succulent
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What were the issues with censorship?
It was published in three sections, it ha had so many altered views because of censorship
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What are ways to describe expectations of women?
Angel of the house or angels and shores
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What are key themes?
Love, death, societies views, expectations, purity
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Who is the narrator?
Third person omniscient
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Who are key characters?
Tess, Angel, Alec, Mercy Chant, Issie and Retty
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Does Hardy accept or criticise these views?
Criticised the views saying that they were unfair
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What was known in this period?


The sonnet

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What did they value?


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What was another convention?


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What was fashionable in this period?


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