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What kind of imagery is 'Olfactory imagery'?
Imagery that describes scents
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What kind of imagery is 'Tactile imagery'?
Imagery that describes textures
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What kind of imagery is 'Gustatory imagery'?
Imagery that describes flavours
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What kind of imagery is 'Somatic imagery'?
Imagery associated with the body
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Synaesthesia is...
Where a word modifies another word by describing it with another sense. I.e - Bitter Wind, Prickly Laugh
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What is a 'Dead Metaphor'
A metaphor that has lot it imagery because of it's overuse. 'He ran the office' or 'seeds of doubt'
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The literary device for 'language that has a metaphorical meaning' is
Figurative Language
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'A mile high tower of pancakes' is an example of
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Litotes are
A figure of speech that is an understatement. I.e - He's no oil painting = he is ugly.
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An example of Binary opposition would be
Exploitation and Brotherhood
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'Insult, injustice and exploitation' are example of which devices?
Emotive languages, tripling and alliteration.
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Where a part of something is used to refer to the whole. 'The White House' is used to refer to the American Government, 'Wheels' is used to refer to a car. What literary device is this a description of?
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'Many are called but few are chosen' is an example of what literary device?
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Pathos is...
where the writer uses techniques that appeal to the reader's audience's emotions, often arousing pity for a character.
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Bathos is...
The sense of anti-climax created when a literary work drops from an elevated or serious level to the more absurd or ridiculous.
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Catharsis is...
The purification or purging of emotions, especially pity or fear, through art. Some literary forms act as a release for the author or audience of these emotions.
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Verisimilitude is...
Where a text has a sense of truthfulness and realism. Proper nouns can achieve this. 'AK47's and RPGs were firing none stop.'
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What is Didactic poetry?
Poetry with the primary aim of teaching a lesson.
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How many lines is a 'Tercet' Stanza?
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An extended metaphor with complex or unusual logic, commonly found in metaphysical poetry. Is a description of what literary device?
A Conceit.
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What is a short pause in a line of poetry (indicated by punctuation) called?
A Caesura
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What is and 'Eye rhyme'?
Words that look like they should rhyme but don't. I.e- Move and Love
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A character who contrasts with another main character in a story is described as a ....
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A character reveals their true attitudes and emotions in a short speech that is not heard by other characters, often creating dramatic irony is...
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Stichomythia is...
When character are given alternating lines.
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The pride or arrogance of a character who overestimates their abilities is primarily an example of a:
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An incentive moment occurs where in a tragic play?
At the beginning -something that starts a chain of cause/effect events.
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Peripeteia in a tragic play is...
A sudden reversal of circumstances, a turning point in the play.
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Anagnorisis in a tragic play is...
The climax, the moment when the tragic hero makes a critical discovery where the tension peaks.
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Within a tragic play the Catastrophe is...
The downward action of the plot leading to the exode.
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What is the Exode in a tragic play?
The resolution of the play.
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When a narrative is told through letters it is...
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A coming of age story where the story focuses on the education and moral growth of the protagonist is called a...
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'We ran and jumped and shouted' is an example of what kind of list?
Polysyndetic list
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What kind of imagery is 'Tactile imagery'?


Imagery that describes textures

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What kind of imagery is 'Gustatory imagery'?


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What kind of imagery is 'Somatic imagery'?


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