English language terminology (AO1) quiz!

A quiz providing questions and answers about a range of topics covered in the AQA AS English language course, new spec :-)

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1. What are pragmatics?

  • Hidden meanings
  • Meanings
  • A unit of sound
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2. What is the correct name for a formation of a new word?

  • Neology
  • Portmanteau
  • Americanism

3. What is the name for deriving implied meanings?

  • Inference
  • Suggestion
  • Guess

4. What is a diphthong?

  • A plosive sound made in the mouth by combining a consonant sound
  • A vowel sound that is made by combining two separate sounds
  • A linguistic study

5. How does dialect differ from Standard English?

  • By lexis and grammatical variation
  • By lexis
  • Depends on region only


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