English language terminology (AO1) quiz!

A quiz providing questions and answers about a range of topics covered in the AQA AS English language course, new spec :-)

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1. What is semantic field?

  • Groups of words connected by meaning
  • Groups of words connected by a shared field of reference
  • Groups of words connected by grammar
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2. What is phonology?

  • The study of sounds in a language
  • The study of variety in a language
  • The study of visual features in a language

3. Making a reference back to an already stated lexical item is called....

  • Anaphoric reference
  • Cataphoric reference
  • Anaphora reference

4. What is it called when someone says things such as 'erm'?

  • Fillers
  • Hedging
  • Back channel behaviour

5. What is aspect?

  • Something that describes what an action is
  • Another element that marks the time of an event
  • Something that describes whether an action will happen or is going to happen


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