English language terminology (AO1) quiz!

A quiz providing questions and answers about a range of topics covered in the AQA AS English language course, new spec :-)

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1. What is semantic field?

  • Groups of words connected by a shared field of reference
  • Groups of words connected by grammar
  • Groups of words connected by meaning
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2. What is the name for deriving implied meanings?

  • Guess
  • Inference
  • Suggestion

3. The way that individuals adjust their speech in accordance with whom they are addressing is called...

  • Accommodation
  • Suitability
  • Adaptation

4. What is orthography?

  • The study of how words are typed
  • The study of the writing system
  • The study of words

5. What is deixis?

  • Restricted words
  • Context-bound words
  • Context free words


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