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2. What is FACE?

  • Face is how we present a particular image of ourselves
  • It is when we present a particular image of another person
  • It is how a person acts when they don't like some one.
  • It means Field Audience Call Evidence

3. who is the theorist put forward dominance and suggested conversational shitwork-women do alot of the work

  • Dale Spender
  • Jennifer Coates
  • Pamela Fishman
  • Deborah Tanner

4. The wug test creator

  • Jean Piaget
  • Jean Ellen
  • Jean Berko
  • Jean Aitchison

5. what is it when you don't obey the grice maxisms rules

  • Fishing the maxisms
  • Nothing
  • Flouting the maxisms
  • Disobeying the maxisms


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