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1. Who are theorists found that men and women both use feministic speech features in a court room

  • O'Barr and Atkinson
  • Eakins and Eakins
  • Brown and Levinson
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2. Who is the theorist who put forward the difference?

  • Jean Aitchison
  • Deborah Cameron
  • Deborah Tanner
  • Deborah Jones

3. Who is the face theorist

  • Irving Goffman
  • Lucas Lewis
  • Irving Lewis
  • Lucas Goffman

4. who is the theorist put forward dominance and suggested conversational shitwork-women do alot of the work

  • Deborah Tanner
  • Dale Spender
  • Pamela Fishman
  • Jennifer Coates

5. Put child language into 7 function groups

  • Eric Lenneberg
  • Michael Halliday
  • Vygotsky
  • Noam Chomsky


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