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1. The theorist that found that children overextend the physical qualities of others and features such as shape,sound,taste,movement,size,textures

  • Eve Clark
  • Leslie Rescorla
  • Katherine Nelson
  • Jean Aitchison
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2. Who is the face theorist

  • Lucas Goffman
  • Irving Goffman
  • Irving Lewis
  • Lucas Lewis

3. Categorised children's first words into four groups

  • Katherine Nelson
  • Jean Aitchison
  • Eve Clark
  • Leslie Rescorla

4. What is the accomadation theory

  • It is when someone changes their speech towards you.
  • It is when you move house
  • It is when you accomadate your speech depending who your speaking to.
  • It is when you accomadate your speech to your pets

5. The wug test creator

  • Jean Piaget
  • Jean Ellen
  • Jean Berko
  • Jean Aitchison


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