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2. What are grice maxisms

  • The rules of conversation- they include quanity, revelance, manner and quality
  • They are rules of conversation-they involve where, who, what and how.
  • They are how much you should talk in a conversation.
  • They are rules of conversation and include location, quanity, quality and manner.

3. The theorist that found that children overextend the physical qualities of others and features such as shape,sound,taste,movement,size,textures

  • Eve Clark
  • Leslie Rescorla
  • Katherine Nelson
  • Jean Aitchison

4. Put forward deficit, claim that men are above women in speech.

  • Roben Lakoff
  • Robin Lackoff
  • Robin Lakoff
  • Roben Lackoff

5. Who are theorists found that men and women both use feministic speech features in a court room

  • O'Barr and Atkinson
  • Eakins and Eakins
  • Brown and Levinson


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