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Describe the position of noun
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Determine the amount of a noun
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Definite article
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Indefinite article
a, an
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The most something can be e.g. smelliest
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Number adjective
three, six, millions
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Posessive adjective
My, his, hers ,theirs
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Quality adjective
Describes the colour or size e.g. red
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Interrogative adjective
Which, whose, what
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Demonstrative adjective
this, that, those
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Quantity adjective
more, all, some, half
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Personal pronoun
I, you, he ,she, we ,they
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Possessive pronoun
Express ownership, e.g. my, mine
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Interrogative pronoun
who, whose, which, what
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Relative pronoun
Link a clause, the head of a noun phrase e.g. who, whose, that....
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Reflexive pronoun
always ends in self/selves e.g. hisself, yourself, theirselves.
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Reciprocal pronoun
Express a 2 way relationship, e.g. each other, one another.
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Demonstrative pronoun
Contrast between near and different. this/these. that/those
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3rd person continuous habitual action verb
asks, shows, ver ending in "s"
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1st person pronoun
I, we
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2nd person pronoun
you, your. excludes the speaker
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3rd person pronoun
not the speaker or the writer. him, his ,theirs
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Simple present verb
she walks, look for "s" unless "they walk"
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Present progressive verb
ends in 'ing' indicates the action is still happening
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Simple past verb
ends in 'ed'
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Present perfective verb
action happened at an unspecified time before now
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Imperative verb
Bossy verbs. do this. do that
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Modal verb
could, should, would, must, certainly
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Transitive verb
used with object e.g. I brushed the dog
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Intransitive verb
used without object. e.g. I slept
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Active verb
we know who the verb is about
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Passive verb
we don't know who the verb is about
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Adverb of time
now, then, soon, yesterday, always
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Adverb of place
here, there, outside, above, below
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Adverb of manner
slowly, quickly, well, angrily
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Adverb of degree
very, fairly, so, almost, quite
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Adverb of number
once, twice, firstly, again, millions
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Adverb of un/certainty
certainly, perhaps, surely
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Interrogative adverb
how, when, where, why
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Conditional adverb
If, unless
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Declarative sentence
That is a custard cream, declaring something
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Exclamatory sentence
I love biscuits! exclaiming something
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Imperative sentence
give me that biscuit. demanding something
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Interrogative sentence
Could you pass me the tin of biscuits? asking something.
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Simple sentence
Contains one clause
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Compound sentence
two simple sentences, joined by a connective
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Complex sentence
main clause with a subordinate clause within it, which relies on the main clause for it to make sense.
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