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1. What is a euphemism and can you give an example?

  • a more socially acceptable word or phrase, e.g. passed away instead of dead
  • using a blunt or direct word instead of a more polite or indirect alternative e.g. elephantine instead of fat
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2. A break from the pattern which is set up in the text is known as what?

  • Parrallelism
  • Internal Deviation
  • External Deviation

3. A verbal pointing word that situate a speaker or writer in relation to what is said and are therefore context-bound e.g. here, there, this, that

  • Reinforcer
  • Deixis
  • Conversational Repair
  • Discourse Marker

4. Prosodics is the study of what?

  • The area of study concerned with investigating how sounds are actually produced by language users
  • How speakers can shape meanings through emphasising certain aspects of intonation, speed and volume
  • The area of study that refers to the more abstract sound system

5. What is the definition that describes the distinctive features an individual's particular language or speech patterns that marks them out as an individual?

  • Idiolect
  • Dialect
  • Sociolect


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