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1. What are 'there' and 'their' an example of? and what are they

  • Homophone -words pronounced the same but have different meanings and may have different spellings
  • Heterephone- words that have the same spelling but very different pronunciation and meanings
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2. What is an ellipsis

  • a word or phrase that returns the conversation to a previous topic
  • The omission of words for economical reasons or because the context means that the person listening understands the shortened utterance
  • A series of dots

3. A verbal pointing word that situate a speaker or writer in relation to what is said and are therefore context-bound e.g. here, there, this, that

  • Reinforcer
  • Discourse Marker
  • Deixis
  • Conversational Repair

4. What is the definition that describes the distinctive features an individual's particular language or speech patterns that marks them out as an individual?

  • Sociolect
  • Idiolect
  • Dialect

5. Cosmetic Surgery is an example of a what?

  • Collocation
  • Idiom
  • Euphemism


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