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2. Cosmetic Surgery is an example of a what?

  • Collocation
  • Idiom
  • Euphemism

3. What is an ellipsis

  • a word or phrase that returns the conversation to a previous topic
  • The omission of words for economical reasons or because the context means that the person listening understands the shortened utterance
  • A series of dots

4. Prosodics is the study of what?

  • How speakers can shape meanings through emphasising certain aspects of intonation, speed and volume
  • The area of study that refers to the more abstract sound system
  • The area of study concerned with investigating how sounds are actually produced by language users

5. What is a euphemism and can you give an example?

  • a more socially acceptable word or phrase, e.g. passed away instead of dead
  • using a blunt or direct word instead of a more polite or indirect alternative e.g. elephantine instead of fat


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