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The Captain of the 1968 Top of the Form Team
Themes of Nostalgia and the idea that knowledge that was once deemed useful has becoming useless.
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Themes of war and the brutality of time
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Before you were mine
Themes of transitional identity
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The potent nature of memory
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First Love
Durablity of first love and the idea that all romances after that are in its shadow
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The juxtaposition of cliche, idealistic love and the realistic love duffy presents
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The Biographer
Themes of obsessive fandom and non recipicated relationships
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Reflection on the poetic voices childhood exposure to their mothers social group. Themes of cencorship in their interactions directly contrasted by the youths explicit nature. That taboos's are leanrt over time.
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Stafford Afternoons
Distorted memory and the ********* of innocence so suddenly
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Cliche Kid
The influence of memories and the way we want to retain them forever
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Small Female Skull
Introspective , and the deattachment of body and mind. The transience of humanity.
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Never go back
Memory, reminiscing , we have a relationship with our pasts that even if detrimental still exists.
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The idea that physical closeness doesn't always mean emotional closeness.
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Mean Time
Uncontrollable time and that life is a shortened day followed by an endless night.
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Themes of war and the brutality of time

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Before you were mine


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First Love


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