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2. Why does Mrs J sing about Marilyn Monroe?

  • Her husband leaves her because she once looked like her but she now has many children so looks old and ugly
  • Her husband cheats on her with someone who looks like Marilyn Monroe.
  • She is Mrs J's role mode
  • Her husband leaves her for someone younger

3. Why does the narrator dress in a black suit through the whole play?

  • He represents Mrs Lyons lie of when she tricked Mrs J into thinking if she told the twins they were brothers then they would die.
  • He is dressed for Mickey and Linda's wedding
  • Foreshadows the future as he is dressed for a funeral-Mickey and Eddie
  • He is dressed for a funeral-Mrs Lyons

4. How does Eddie die?

  • Gets shot by Micky
  • gets hit by a car by Mrs Lyons
  • falls down some stairs
  • has a heart attack


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