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2. The thickness of an arrow on a sankey diagram shows...

  • The energy that is saved
  • The amount of energy
  • The energy that is lost
  • The amount of waves

3. Define Specific Latent Heat

  • The amount of energy needed to change the state of 1kg of substance without a change in temperature
  • Stuff
  • Energy needed to change state
  • Specific heat capacity but without a change in temperature

4. What is the best surface for emitting and absorbing heat radiation?

  • Shiny white
  • Matt black
  • Matt white
  • Shiny Black

5. What is convection?

  • The net movement of particles against the concentration difference
  • When more energetic particles pass on their energy to neighbouring particles
  • When more energetic particles move from the hotter region to the cooler region taking their energy with them
  • When heat is transferred through a vacuum by infrared waves


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