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2. which of these is not a way of trying to reduce energy bills

  • using using appliances with high power ratings
  • using solar power to heat water
  • increase the insulation in you home
  • using more efficient appliances

3. infrared radiation can travel through

  • empty space and transparent materials
  • empty space only
  • transparent objects only
  • opaque objects

4. which statement is the best explanation for why many insulating materials contain trapped air

  • gases are poor conductors and they cannot transfer energy by convection if they cannot move
  • trapping the air stops energy being transferred by convection
  • air is a poor conductor
  • trapped air makes the material lighter

5. if you leave a cup of hot tea standing in the kitchen for a whole day, what will happen

  • energy will be transferred from the tea to the air in the kitchen, so the tea will end up colder than the air in the kithcen
  • energy will be transferred from the tea to the air until the tea is the same temperature as the air
  • it will gain energy from the air in the kitchen
  • no energy will be transferred


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