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2. Name and describe the four energy pathways/carriers

  • Mechanical-work done by a force, Electrical-work done by a current, Heat-temperature change, Radiation-light eg infrared
  • Mechanical-force Electrical-light Heat-current Radiation-current
  • Mechanical-current Electrical-force Heat-light Radiation-Temperature change
  • Mechanical-light Electrical-force Heat-current Radiation-force

3. In all system changes...

  • energy is dissipated/stored
  • energy is dissipated/transferred
  • energy is dissipated/wasted
  • energy is usefully transferred/stored

4. What causes a thermal energy transfer build up?

  • Surface area
  • Gravity
  • Friction
  • Air resistance

5. If the rate of transfer of heat energy is reduced, it is better at keeping thermal energy.This is achieved by:

  • poor conductors(low conductivity)in the walls, thicker walls
  • higher conductivity in the walls, thinner walls
  • higher conductivity in the walls, thicker walls
  • lower conductivity in the walls, thinner walls


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