Enduring Love characters

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1. Where is Parry when he speaks to Joe on the phone for the first time?

  • In a cafe on Joe's local high street on his mobile
  • The phone box at the end of Joe's road
  • At home on the phone
  • On his mobile outside Joe's house
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2. Why is Clarissa suspicious about Jed's letters?

  • The handwriting looks like Joe's
  • Joe doesn't give enough details about them
  • They did not make sense
  • There were too many

3. How many messages did Jed leave on Joe's answer machine?

  • 29
  • 25
  • 33
  • 31

4. Why did Joe shoot Jed Parry?

  • He wanted Jed to die
  • He was trying to stop Jed from killing Clarissa
  • He was trying to stop Jed from killing himself
  • It was self defence

5. What is the first thing Parry tries to get Joe to do?

  • Pray
  • Hug him
  • Talk about the balloon accident
  • Have a relationship with him


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