Endocrine system

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what does the endocrine system do?
regulate, metabolise, growth, tissue and sexual function, reproduction, sleep and mood
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Pituartary, Thyroid, Parathyroid, Adrenal, Pancreas, Ovaries and Testes
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hormones are secreted by what
glands and cirluate the body
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hormones target what
specific organs and tissues in the body
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the endocrine system gets help from where
organs for secondary endocroine functions
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the pititary gland can be found where and what is it made up of
at the base of the brain in the bony cavity. the anterior and posterior
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what is the function of the pituitary gland in the endocrine system
it is the master of the endocrine system but is controlled by the hypothalamus
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how is the pititary gland connected to the hypothalamus
by the hypophyseal portal system, a system of blood vessels
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the anterior pituitary gland coordinates signals from where
the hypothalamus and endocrine organs
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what does the anterior pititary gland secrete
6 hormones
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the acidophil cells make up two hormone types and which hormones
somatotrophs - growth hormone and lactotroph - prolactine
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basophil produces 3 hormones and which 4
thyrotrophs - thyroid stimulating hormones, gonatrophs - leteinisin H and follicle stimulating H, Corticotrophs - adrenocorticotropic H
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the posterior pititary gland does what
doesn't produce hormones. but secretes and stores the ones made by the hypothalamus
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hormone releasing factors do what
stimulate the pititary gland to produce hormones
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vasopressin do what
control water balance
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oxytocin does what
helps uterine contraction in child birth and stimulates the reflex of breast feeding
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what is the intermediate lobe
a thin layer of cells between the anterior and posterior lobes
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what does the intermediate lobe produce
melanoctye stimulatin ghormone (MSH) regulating the pigment of skin and hair
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what are 4 common pituatary gland problems
acromegal, cushings, adult growth hormone deficiency, craniopharyngioma
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what is acromegaly cause by
too much growth hormone produced by the anterior pituitary gland or a benign tumour
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this can lead to
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what is the treatment plan
hypophysectomy, the removal of the pituatary
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the thyroid gland can be located where, and consists of what
it is a H shaped gland in fornt of the neck, just below the larynx either side of the trachea. made up of the left and right lobe.
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The thyroid gland produces 2 hormones
T4 (thyroxine) which has 4 iodine atoms and T3 (triiodothyronine) which has 3 iodine atoms
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T4 is converted to T3 how? and does what
by the body and is the biologically active hormone influencing cell and tissue activity
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too much conversion causes
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too little conversion causes
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what are the symptoms of hyperthyroidism
anxiety, mood swings, sleeping problems, heart palpiations, a goitre (neck swelling) and weight loss
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treatment for hyperthyroidism
medication such as thionamides e.g. carbinmazole. Radioactive iodine, destroys the thyroid cells limiting the amount of thyroid hormone produced. Surgery to remove part or all of the gland. Removal of all would lead to meds required for life
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what other problems does hyperthyroidism lead to
Eye problems, pregnancy complications, and thyroid storm
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what is a thyroid storm caused by
undiagnosed or poorly managed thyroid
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what would trigger a thyroid storm
infection, pregannacy, not taking meds, damage to the thyroid gland
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symptoms of a thyroid storm
rapid heart beat, hi temp, D+V and jaundice
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Hypothyroidism is where the
thyroid is underactive and doesn't produce enough hormones
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symptoms include
tired, weight gain, depression, sensitve to cold, and dry skin
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treatment for underactive thyroid
Levothyroxine to be taken daily, blood tests are done regularly, and are exempt from prescriptions
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what are the parathyroid glands
4 peasized glands beind the thyroid gland in the neck which produces parathyroid hormones
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function of the parathyroidn gland
control the levels of calcium in the blood for bone strength and function of nervous system and muscle
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If the ca levels are low in the blood what happens
the parathyroid hormone is secreted, causing the bones to release ca into the blood and the kidneys stop losing ca in the urie and stimulates the increase of vit d metabolism
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what are parathyroid disorders
primary hyperparathyroidism
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primary hyperparathyroidism causes what
hypercalcaemia, which is when blood calium levels are too high
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symptoms of primary hyperparathyroidism
thirst, increase in urination, abdo pain, constipation, osteoporosis
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treatment for primary hyperparathyroidism
monitor ca levels in blood. or a parathyroidectomy, the number of glands removed will be determined by the blood test
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where are the adrenal glands found
1 at the top of each kidney
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the adrenal gland consist sof what
the adrenal cortex and inner adrenal medulla
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the glands screte what
different hormones and have steriodal compounds made from cholesterol
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under the category mineralocorticoids what hormone is produced
aldosterone - which maintins body salt and water levels and regulates bp
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under the category glucocorticoids what hormone is produced
cortisol, repsonse to illness and regulating body metabolism. stimulates glucose production and ant-inflamattory
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under the category adrenal androgens what hormone is produced
the male sex hormones DHEA and testosterone
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ACTH is secreted by the anterior pituitary gland and primarily affect the release of what hormones
glucocorticoids and adrenal androgens by the adrenal gland and stimulates aldosterone .
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the adrenal medulla priduces what ... and this includes what types
catecholamines, adrenaline and noradrenaline and small amount sof dopamine. reasponsible for fight or flight
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what is an adrenal gland disorder
addison disease
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what is this caused by
immune system attacking the adrenal cortex which disrupts the production of cortisol or aldostrone
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what is an adrenal crisid
result of sudden symptom worsening
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medication to replace missing hormones
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what is cushings disease
overproduction of cortisol, which can be produced by a beign or adrenal tumour.
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what is the treatment plan
glucocorticoid treatment or removal of tumour follow up woth hormone treatment
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Where is the pancreas found
the leaf shaped organ found in the central abdominal cavity below the stomach and liver
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the digestive system does what in relation to the pancreas
mkae pancreatic juices containing enzymes that help with food digestion
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the endocrine system does what in relation to the pancreas
manufactures insulin and glucagon used to control blood glucose levels
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what do islet cells in the pancreas secrete
insulin and glucagon
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Insulin is released by what... in reponse to what... and changes what...
by beta cells, in repsonse to a high BM and it changes the permability of the cell allowing gluocose to enter
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Glucagon is secreted by what... in reponse to what... causing what
alpha cells, in reponse to a low bm, cause the live to realsie stored glucose in to the blood, increasing bm
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what is a diorder of the pancreas and what are the 3 types
Pancreatis, acute, chronic hereditary
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acute pancreatitius, symptoms, causes and treamtent
suddent onset, d+v, bloating and fever, chronic alchol hereditary, pt ususally recover
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chronic pancreatitius, symptoms, causes and treatment
upper abdo pain, d+v, weight loos, diabetes develpoment, no cure but can treat symptoms
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hereditary pancreastius, symptoms, causes and treatments
rare genetic cond. more suspectible to chronic pancreatitius
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pancreatic cancer symptoms, risk factors, treatment
pain in abdo, weight loss, jaundice, d+V, thrombosis. Age, weight, smoking and cond, treatment is otfen a late diagnosis becuase its difficult to diagnose, so treat accordingly
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what are the reproductive organs
ovaries and testes
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what do the ovaries produce
oestrogen and progesterone
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oestrogen controls what and interacts with what
development of secondary sex characteristics at puberty. interacts with progesterone, LH, FSH to control menstrual cycle
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Progesterone controls what and interacts with what
control normal progess of pregnancy and interacts with Oestrogen, FSH and LH to control menstrual cycle.
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during pregnancy what hormones are involved in controlling the process
hCG and human placental lactogen
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hCG produced when and does what?
produce in placenta after conception and nourish fertlised egg once attached to uterine wall
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Human placental lactogen is prodecued by what and does what leading to
placenta, and breaks down fats from mother to fuel development for the foetus, leads to insulin resistance and CHO intolerance
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oestrogen and progesterone does what during preganancy
starts milk production
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What is a symptom of ovarian disease
bloating, pelvic and abdo pain, nauseous and oophoritis
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what type of cyts are there
follicular, luteal, chocolate (blood filled) and polycytic
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what increases the risk of ovarian tumours
nulliparity, family history, specific inherited, gene mutations
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what is testosterone involved with
development of secondary characteristics
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involved in maintaining
libido, sperm production, muscle strenght, healthy bone density
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testosterone produced by
pituratity and hypothalamus
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the pituitary or hypothlamus causes the release of what
gonadotrophic substances including (follicle stimulating and luteizing)
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the lutinizing hormone stimulates what
testosterone production
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too much testosterone production cause what
the hypothalamus to alert the pituitary casing less Lh to be made cause less testosterone prodection
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what are 5 common testes disorders
Testicular torsion, truama, cancer, epididymitis, and hypogonadism
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what is epididymitis
inflamation of the epidiymitis
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hypogonadism is cuased by leading to what problems
low testosterone levels. low sex drive, low sperm count, low msucle mass
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what is the difference between primary and secondary hypogonadism
primary is problems with the testes, secondary is problems with the pitiutary
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stoamch wall produces the hormone gastrin which does what
starts acid production in the stomach
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samll intestine produces entergasterone which does what
associated with lengthing time to empty stomach after a meal high in fat
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small intestine produces secretin which does what
triggers the release of digestive enzymes from the pancreas
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