Emotional Development

What is emotional development?
The way an individual begins to feel about and value themselves and other people
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What does emotional development form the basis of?
Emotional literacy and empathy
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What is attachment?
An emotional bond between 2 people
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What is emotional literacy?
Understanding and describing emotions
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What is self-image?
How you see yourself
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What is self-esteem?
How you feel about yourself
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What is the critical period?
Essential that the attachment forms by 2 years
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What do children suffer from when they are separated from their mother's?
Separation anxiety
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What does the caregiver provide?
Comfort and safety
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What do infants have a universal need to seek?
Close proximity with their caregiver when they are under stress or feeling threatened
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What is proximity?
How close you are to something (usually mother)
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What is maternal deprivation?
When a child is removed/without their mother
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What can maternal deprivation cause?
long-term issues such as delinquency and lowered IQ
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What are social releases?
'cute' behaviours which triggers the mother's attachment system
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Criticism 1 of Bowlby
Bowlby oversimplified his theory
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Criticism 2 of Bowlby
Rutter argued that maternal deprivation in itself may not result in long-term problems but privation is more damaging
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What is privation?
No opportunity to form an attachment
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What do critics suggest?
That attachment is a learned process influenced by factors such as environment and culture
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What did Schaffer and Emerson do?
Studied 60 babies at monthly intervals for the first 18 months of their life
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The children were all studied in their own home...
and a regular pattern was identified in the development of attachment
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What is stranger anxiety?
The response to the arrival of a stranger
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What is separation anxiety?
Distress level when separated from carer, degree of comfort is needed
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What is social referencing?
A degree that a child looks at a carer to check how they should respond to something new (secure base)
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What are factors affecting development?
Parents with an addiction, absent parents, abuse/health issues, disability, premature babies, postnatal depression, separation, foster-care adoption and emotional unavailability
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What does emotional development form the basis of?


Emotional literacy and empathy

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What is attachment?


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What is emotional literacy?


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What is self-image?


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