Emmett Till

From key topic 2: The Civil Rights Movetment , 1945-62 from the edexcel course A Divided Union? The USA 1945-70

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1. Who dared Emmett Till to speak to a white woman?

  • His family
  • His friends
  • The store-keeper
  • The police
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2. What did Emmett Till say to the white woman as he left the store?

  • "Nice to meet you"
  • "Bye baby"
  • "Hello babe"

3. Emmett Till's body was found with a bullet in his head and his skull crushed how many days after the store-keepers reaction?

  • 4 days later
  • 5 days later
  • 3 days later
  • 2 days later

4. Emmett Till was a black boy from where?

  • Birmingham
  • Cleveland
  • Chicago
  • Texas

5. What was the store-keepers immediate reaction to Emmett Till talking to the white woman?

  • He seized him
  • He locked him out of the shop
  • He kicked him
  • He hit him


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