quiz referencing some of the problems of serfdom

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1. To leave the village, who did the serfs have to get permission from?

  • The land owners
  • The government
  • The village elders
  • The mir
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2. What did the elders in the mir do?

  • Have control over land redistribution
  • Represented the pesants in government
  • Controlled who the serfs worked for
  • Nothing

3. After emancipation who controlled the serfs?

  • Still the land owners
  • The mir
  • They controlled themselves
  • The government

4. Who were the serfs owned by?

  • The mir
  • The government
  • The land owners
  • They weren't owned by anyone

5. What did serfdom encourage in Russia?

  • Content
  • Substinance agriculture
  • Political unrest
  • Economic change


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