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2. What interrogative does TJ use that has a hidden subtext?

  • "You been working out?"
  • "You wanna get a coffee?"
  • "You selling?"
  • "You been hitting the gym?"

3. Who is De Salvo?

  • local police man
  • fire fighter
  • owns a tv shop
  • Andy's neighbour

4. What is TJ's mother described as?

  • obsessed with social class
  • strives for success
  • a social climber
  • a *****

5. "What is it….?" what does this refer to?

  • whether it was kittens or not - she's clueless
  • the gender of the baby- she has no maternal instincts
  • the gender of the baby- Andy's mother wants to know
  • she doesn't know what a baby looks like


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