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2. What adjectives are used to describe Eden in the present day extract?

  • Delicate Pure
  • Haze of Scars
  • Delicate White
  • Pure Vulnerable

3. What intertextuality does Eden use in the extract from Andy's past?

  • "The sun is up the Witch is dead"
  • "Ding dong the witch is dead"
  • "Follow the yellow brick road"
  • "Get up, the Witch is dead"

4. What is Martha's interrogative when Billy is introduced into the conversation?

  • "Do you want to speak to him?"
  • "do you want to speak to Billy?"
  • "Want to talk to him?"
  • "He misses you"

5. What are Andy and Tom's nicknames?

  • Andyboy and TJ
  • TJ and Andrew
  • Andy and Tommo
  • Andyboy Tommo


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