ELLA 2 - Eden Close

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1. When is the phrase "you sound like a real ******* sometimes Andy, you know that?" used and who by?

  • Eden in both the past and present
  • TJ in the past
  • Martha in the present
  • Eden in the present
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2. "What is it….?" what does this refer to?

  • whether it was kittens or not - she's clueless
  • she doesn't know what a baby looks like
  • the gender of the baby- she has no maternal instincts
  • the gender of the baby- Andy's mother wants to know

3. What intertextuality does Eden use in the extract from Andy's past?

  • "The sun is up the Witch is dead"
  • "Get up, the Witch is dead"
  • "Ding dong the witch is dead"
  • "Follow the yellow brick road"

4. What is the romantic imagery that describes Andy's feelings for grown up Eden

  • Night in shining armor
  • Climb the tower
  • Climb the stairs
  • Save her

5. What does the free direct speech emphasise between Andy and Martha

  • Awkwardness
  • Anger
  • Tension
  • Easy flowing conversation


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