Elizabethan Religious Settlement Keywords

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1. Which one of these is a result of the Peace of Cateau Cambresis?

  • Phillip II gave Elizabeth part of the Netherlands
  • Anglo French- conflict ended
  • France relinquished Calais
  • the ownership of Italy issue continued
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2. What are people who didn't have a official position in the church called?

  • Lay
  • Parishoners
  • Tweeny's
  • Acolyte

3. which of these were included in Book of Common Prayer?

  • How to elevate the host
  • how to excermunicate someone
  • the order of church services
  • What colour robes a bishop could wear

4. What does radical mean?

  • proposing or leading to a rapid and extremely significant change
  • overeacting
  • CHRISTIAN SERVICE CEREMONY CELEBRATING The Last Supper where bread and wine is consecrated and consumed
  • a form in which religious worship is conducted

5. what is the teaching that christ was truly present in the bread and wine during communion

  • Real Presence
  • Radical
  • Lay
  • Episcopate


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