Elizabeth and Government

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1. Who states "Parliament continued to be a source of strength to the Tudors until the death of Queen Elizabeth"

  • P Williams
  • A F Pollard
  • M A R Graves
  • MacCulloch
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2. Who states that from the 1570s the court and council "displayed a political homogeneity previously unknown"?

  • Susan Doran
  • Simon Adams
  • David Loades
  • Dale Hoak

3. When did Elizabeth become engaged to the Duke of Anjou?

  • 1584
  • 1579
  • 1571
  • 1562

4. Who believes Elizabeth kept an open mind about marriage and was conscious of the need to produce an heir?

  • David Starkey
  • Susan Doran
  • Jennifer Loach
  • MacCulloch

5. When did inflation increase during Elizabeth's reign?

  • in the 1570s
  • in the 1560s
  • in the 1590s
  • in the 1600s


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