Elizabeth and Government

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1. When did Elizabeth intervene with Parliament to prevent the discussion of foreign affairs?

  • 1572 and 1598
  • 1571 and 1593
  • 1563 and 1571
  • 1586 and 1601
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2. Who believes it was always Elizabeth's intention not to marry?

  • A F Pollard
  • Christopher Haigh
  • Susan Doran
  • Dale Hoak

3. How often did the Privy Council meet?

  • three times a week, then daily from the 1590s
  • twice a week, then fortnightly from the 1590s
  • four times a week, then once a week from the 1590s
  • once a week, then daily from the 1590s

4. Who believes Elizabeth's gender had a crucial impact on how she was perceived by her councillors?

  • John Guy
  • Dale Hoak
  • Jennifer Loach
  • David Starkey

5. Who believes Elizabeth's lack of an heir was a "crisis"?

  • David Starkey
  • Jennifer Loach
  • Wallace MacCaffrey
  • MacCulloch


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