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2. How often did the Privy Council meet?

  • twice a week, then fortnightly from the 1590s
  • three times a week, then daily from the 1590s
  • once a week, then daily from the 1590s
  • four times a week, then once a week from the 1590s

3. When was Peter Wentworth imprisoned for advocating freedom of speech for MPs?

  • 1591
  • 1576
  • 1582
  • 1569

4. What was the 1570s pamphlet 'Leicester's Commonwealth'?

  • It claimed Leicester dominated England with his 'Puritan Faction' and controlled the Privy Council and the Queen
  • It was written by Catholic Propagandists, attacking Elizabeth for favoritising Leicester
  • It made the Cecil-Leicester rivalry publicly known

5. Who believes Elizabeth was "loyally served by her courtiers"?

  • David Starkey
  • Christopher Haigh
  • Dale Hoak
  • Simon Adams


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