English Literary History Quiz

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1. What was the main title given to the anonymous author of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, which was written in the 14th Century?

  • Playwright
  • Poet
  • Essayist
  • Novelist
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2. When did the famed playwright and poet William Shakespeare write Hamlet?

  • 16th Century
  • 15th Century
  • 16th to 17th Century
  • 15th to 16th Century

3. Thomas Malory, a prose writer, wrote a set of tales in the 14th Century. Which is the correct spelling?

  • Morte Darthur
  • Morte Dature
  • Morte Darthure
  • Morte Dathure

4. When did the poet Thomas Wyatt write Whoso List To Hunt?

  • 14th Century
  • 16th Century
  • 15th Century
  • 17th Century

5. Which poet and playwright wrote Volpone in the 17th Century?

  • George Herbert
  • Ben Jonson
  • John Milton
  • Ben Johnson


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