Electromagnet Spectrum

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What are radio waves?
Wavelength electromagnet waves.
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What can they mostly pass through?
The body.
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What are they not?
Strongly absorbed.
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What are radio waves are thought not to have an effect on?
On the health of living tissue.
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What are microwaves?
Radio waves with short wavelengths.
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What are they slightly absorbed by?
The body
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What effect can they have on the body?
A heating effect.
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What do phones produce?
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Have microwaves produced by phones been proven to cause health problems?
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What are the infrared waves absorbed by and to what extent?
The skin to a limited depth.
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What do infrared waves do?
Transfer their energy to the skin tissue and warm it up.
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What is this heating effect detected by?
The temperature-sensitve nerve ending in the skin.
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What will happen to meat if it absorbs too much energy?
It becomes burnt.
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What happens to the skin if it absorbs too many high-energy infrared waves?
It becomes burnt.
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What do eyes detect? and does it pose any health risks?
Visible light and normally no.
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What can damage you eyes and even blind you?
Bright light.
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What should not look a the Sun through?
A telescope or binoculars
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What are lasers?
Intense sources of visible light.
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Why are lasers used in light shows?
Because they are not powerful enough to cause harm but should be used safely.
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What can some lasers do?
Cut through materials such as metal.It would also be able to burn through living tissue.
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What do ionize waves have enough energy to do?
Ionize atoms in materials.
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What do ionizing waves have effect on and how?
Living tissue by killing or damaging DNA.
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What are Ultraviolet rays absorbed by?
The body.
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What can skin tissue be ionized and damaged by?
The shortest-wavelength ultraviolet radiation.
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What can ultraviolet radiation cause?
Skin cancer.
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What can X-rays pass through without being absorbed?
Soft body-tissue such as muscles and denser tissue such as bone
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What can bone absorb and do?
Some X-rays and can be ionized.
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What can gamma rays pass through and very high waves do?
Body and ionize atoms in living tissue.
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What can they mostly pass through?


The body.

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What are they not?


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What are radio waves are thought not to have an effect on?


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