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1. What happens at the anode

  • negative chlorine ions go to anode and gain electron to form chrlorine gas
  • positive chlorine ions go to anode and gain electrons to form chlorine gas
  • negative ions go to anode and lose electrons to form solid chlorine
  • Positive ions go to anode and lose electrons to form chlorine
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2. what is elctrolysis

  • flow of charge by moving ions. ions discharge at electrodes
  • flow of ions discharging at end
  • flow of charge by protons and neutrons
  • electricity being made

3. What happens in electrolysis

  • Sodium chloride splits up into ions so free to move
  • Carbon dioxide creates elctricity
  • Carbon dioxide splits up into elements so free to move
  • Sodium chloride creates eletricity

4. What are elctrolytes

  • compounds
  • ionic
  • protons
  • electrons

5. How does electricty flow in electrolysis

  • charge bumps into each other in solid
  • charge moves through solid
  • charge moves through through molten liquid by movement of ions
  • electricity is made by someone by shocks


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