Electriciy 2 (circuits)

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1. What is the symbol for an LDR?

  • Box with a circle round it and two arrows pointing in
  • Play button with two arrows going out on right
  • A box with a hockey stick across it
  • A box with an arrow going though it up to the right
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2. What makes LEDs so efficient?

  • Small current needed
  • Current only goes in one direction
  • No resistance
  • No battery required, cheaper

3. Varying the variable resistor alters the..

  • light emitted
  • Resistance
  • Current
  • Voltage

4. When are thermistors used?

  • Car engines, thermostats
  • Science only
  • In all circuits
  • Burglar alarms, digital clocks

5. The more light there is in a circuit...

  • The higher the resistance on an LDR
  • The lower the resistance on an LDR
  • The brighter your day is
  • The faster the current
  • No effect


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