Electric Counterpoint - Reich GCSE Music Revision

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1. Steve Reich's opinion on rhythm for this piece is that:

  • 'What's a rhythm?'
  • 'Rhythmic Counterpoint is as important as the melody'
  • 'As long as the melody sounds great, the rhythm doesn't really matter'
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2. What is the main texture of this piece?

  • Monophonic
  • Polyphonic
  • Homophonic

3. How is a layering effect created in this piece?

  • By overlapping many different loops over an elongated period of time
  • By introducing all of the instruments together and slowly removing each instrument

4. What is Steve Reich's first name?

  • Steve
  • Reich

5. Ostinati are used throughout the piece, what is an ostinato?

  • A technique where different melodies eventually create one main melody
  • A continually repeated musical phrase or rhythm
  • A technique where notes are gradually added, note by note


Samuel Richardson


This simple quiz covers a nice selection of features on 'Electric Counterpoint'. Make sure you get full marks before moving on!



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