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1. What is public opinion?

  • What a small proportion of the public think
  • Views shared by members of the public on political issues; the views of many or most of the voters
  • The ideals of a particular political party
  • Trusteeship
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2. What fits this definition: A person who is chosen to act for another on the basis of clear guidance or instructions.

  • The party whip
  • A Trustee
  • A Delegate
  • The leader of the opposition

3. What's a microcosm?

  • The leader of the opposition
  • literally a little world; a miniature version of a larger body
  • A Trustee
  • The party whip

4. Which of these is not an implication of proportional voting systems?

  • two-party system
  • coalition or minority Government
  • Greater proportionality
  • Multiparty systems

5. Which of these is not a function of elections?

  • Uphold legitimacy
  • Form Governments
  • Trusteeship
  • Ensure representation


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