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1. which are the features of the AV system

  • single member constituencies, preferential voting, a minimum of 50% must be gained, if not gained- lowest drops out and 2nd preferences are used.
  • 2 votes, minimum of 50% must be gained, if not, top two candidates remain- redistibuted votes on drop outs' suplementary votes
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2. how many votes do electorates cast in AMS

  • 2
  • 3
  • 1

3. which system includes the public being able to influence which candidates are elected (in relation to just voting for a party)

  • open party list system
  • closed party list system

4. AMS is a mixed system, between which electorial systems?

  • STV and SV
  • First past the post and AV
  • First past the post and Closed partly list systems
  • STV and AV

5. where is the Regional Party List system used?

  • scottish bi-elections
  • Scottish parliament
  • European Parliament
  • London mayor


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