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2. What is the simple for a motor?

  • An Engine
  • A M surrounded by a circle
  • A Car
  • A Motorbike

3. What is a conductor?

  • A material that conducts electricity and allows it to pass through it
  • A material that does not allow electricity to pass through it

4. What is a parallel circuit?

  • A circuit that allows electricity to pass through a number of ways, letting it flow through a number of components at a time.
  • A two celled battery powered circuit
  • A shape
  • Double a series circuit

5. What happens when we increase the number of bulbs in a circuit?

  • The lights become dimmer due to having to share with more bulbs
  • They get brighter
  • Some bulbs get electricity, some don't
  • The bulbs stay the same.


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