Eisenhower Foreign Policy

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Eisenhower's 'New Look' defence policy
relied upon nuclear weapons and less upon conventional forces
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USA tested first hydrogen bomb
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Soviets tested first hydrogen bomb
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Geneva Summit
1955 - suggestion of 'open skies' agreement to monitor each others military build-up was rejected
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Khrushchev and Eisenhower agreed that they did not want war but...
both still continued in a military arms race
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Soviets launched Sputnik into space
1957 - Ike refused to initiate panic measures
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First US satellite launched into orbit
Jan 1958
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Eisenhower asked congress to establish NASA
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U2 incident
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Paris Summit
1960 - Khrushchev demanded an apology about U2 but Ike refused and Khrushchev walked out.
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Hungarian Revolution
1956 - Ike gave no aid to Hungarian rebels fighting against Soviets and Communism
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Khrushchev demanded that West Berlin become a free city and threatened to hand over access routes to Berlin to East Germany because...
he wanted official recognition of East Germany. Ike denied there was any Berlin crisis so Khrushchev went quiet and crisis passed.
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Why did Ike get involved in Vietnam?
French considered to be important allies against Communism in Europe and Asia.
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Ike believed in Domino Theory
= other areas of Asia would be triggered to fall to Communism if Vietnam fell to Communism.
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Geneva conference 1954
France agreed to exit Vietnam and temporarily divide Vietnam into non-Communist South and Communist North.
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Ike rejected France's suggestion at Geneva conference and instead...
built up anti-Communist state of 'South Vietnam' under Diem.
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To establish Diem's South Vietnam, by 1961 Ike had...
given $7 billion in aid, semt nearly 1000 Americans to advise Diem on defeating Communist insurgents and established SEATO.
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SEATO established in ____
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US-Chinese relations worsened due to...
Korean War and conflict over Taiwan islands - Quemoy and Matsu- controlled by Chiang Kai-Shek.
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China bombarded Taiwan islands in _________ ____
September 1954
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Eisenhower reluctantly agreed to defend Taiwan due to Chinese talk of 'liberating' Taiwan and contravention of Korean armistice provisions BUT...
When Ike hinted about nuclear weapons, China backed down overthe island.
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Iran's prime minister, Mohammed Mossadegh, seized British oil companies.
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British and US oil companies and CIA warned Ike that Iran might turn Communist so...
Ike used CIA to encourage a coup that restored Pro-American Shah (emperor), who granted concessions to the oil companies.
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Ike promised to help Egypt to construct the Aswan Dam but...
In July 1956, Ike was hospitalised and Dulles withdrew the offer because Egyptian leader, Nasser, bought arms from Czechoslovakia, recognised Communist China and seemed to be turning neutral about Cold War.
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what did Nasser do to the Suez Canal?
Nasser nationalised the Anglo-French owned Suez Canal for revenues to finance his dam.
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Israel seized Egypt's Sinai desert and Britain and France seized the Suez Canal because...
they failed to persuade Ike to take military action to secure their investments and access to the canal (B and F agreed on action w/ Israel). Ike's pressure forced them to withdraw.
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Why was the Middle East becoming increasingly unstable?
Saudi Arabua, Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon bought military equipment from the USA. - Arab states loathed Israel. - France supplied Israel with arms. - Arab Nationalism growing.-Ike sent troops to Lebanon when the leader appealed aid but it was not needed
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Ike did not get involved but planned the Bay of Pigs Invasion - carried out by Kennedy but not successful
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USA tested first hydrogen bomb

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1955 - suggestion of 'open skies' agreement to monitor each others military build-up was rejected


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both still continued in a military arms race


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