Edward VI & Northumberland Historiography

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What is the tradditional view of Northumberland?
criticised by historians despite his ending of debasement and the wars against France and Scotland and improving Crown income
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Which historians rehabilitated Northumberland's reputation/character?
Hoak (reputation) and Loades (character)
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Hoak (government)
He revived the Govt. - One of the most remarkably able governors of any European state during the 16th Century
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Revisionist view on government
he gave change legitimacy as he worked with the Privy Council and Parlt. rather than ruling by Proclamation and ignoring advisors
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LOADES and MacCULLOCH (religion)
suspect that Cranmer was correct in being suspicious of Northumberland’s lurch towards radicalism in 1552
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Duffy (religion)
Northumberland’s swing towards full Protestantism by 1553 “triggered the most wide-reaching change England had ever seen” “climate of discontent and disobedience” A “flood-tide of radicalism” – widespread removal of altars for communion tables
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MacCulloch (religion)
Somerset and Northumberland’s commitments to Protestantism were not their first preoccupation so increased radicalism reflected the increasing influence of Edward VI on the policy-making process
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Davies (religion)
Religion was made Protestant on paper, but majority Catholicism in practice – made Mary’s accession easier
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Haigh (religion)
He broke “decisively with the past”
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Succession Crisis 1553 tradd view
Northumberland as the 'Bad Duke' led to the sacrifice of an innocent girl.
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Davies (succession crisis)
“The only successful rebellion (for Mary) in Tudor history”
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Which historians rehabilitated Northumberland's reputation/character?


Hoak (reputation) and Loades (character)

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Hoak (government)


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Revisionist view on government


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LOADES and MacCULLOCH (religion)


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