Edward Thomas Quiz

For Edward Thomas' poetry in the English Literature examination for OCR AS level.

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1. Which poem includes the line "spring will come again, perhaps tomorrow" and "spring will return, perhaps tomorrow"?

  • The Glory
  • March
  • But these things also
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2. Which two poems have a structure that represents an emotion?

  • Melancholy and Tears
  • The Glory and Aspens
  • Melancholy and March

3. Which poem refers to traditional army and instruments? "Soldiers in line, young English countrymen fair haired and ruddy in white tunics...drums and fifes were playing"?

  • Tears
  • This is no case of oetty right or wrong
  • Melancholy

4. Which two poems refer to the return of Spring? "Spring's here, Winter's not gone"

  • Melancholy and Aspens
  • March and But these things also
  • But these things also and Melancholy

5. Which poem mentions the colour white explicitly? "chip of flint, mite of chalk, and the small bird's dung"

  • But these things also
  • Words
  • The Sun used to Shine




Hope this helps!



very helpful, thanks



A quick quiz that can test your understanding of the poems and check how well you actually know them! Good starting point for a group revision session and can pick focus areas to work on after completing the quiz.



Fantastic resource



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