Edward Heath 1970-74 general knowledge

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1. IMF stands for

  • Increased Monetary Foundation
  • International Money Foundation
  • International Monetary Fund
  • Interdependent Monetary Firm
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2. What were his middle names?

  • Richard John
  • Richard George
  • George Martin
  • George John
  • Richard Martin

3. The head of Department for Trade and Industry was called

  • Martin Coombs
  • John Davies
  • David Johns
  • Anthony Barber

4. The Chancellor of the Exchequer was called

  • Anthony Barber
  • George Osbbourne
  • Barbara Anthony
  • John Profumo

5. The Selsdon Group was founded because...

  • To unite the party against the unions
  • to promote free market ideals within the Conservative party
  • To bring the party closer together
  • to placate the workers and unions


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